Education is paramount to the bettering of society and I believe that change starts at the local level. While the Bellingham School District has continued to make positive strides, I hope to contribute to the continuing improvement of the district by fighting for various causes.  

Early Childhood Education

I will continue to support Bellingham School District’s work on early childhood education.  Providing opportunities for all children to be a part of quality pre-K education has a long term impacts on learning success and increased socialization skills. Expanding opportunity of early childhood education helps remove many barriers that children face when they start school. I feel that BSD and our community have forged partnerships that have had very favorable results and as a school board member I would be dedicated to seeing those outcomes through.


equity and opportunity

I am dedicated to improving the educational experience for all students of varying backgrounds (race, ethnicity, religion, LGBTQ, disabled, and language ability) to ensure a safe and enriching learning environment for all. As our city continues to grow, taking a diverse range of needs into account is necessary to ensure equitable access and opportunity. If elected to the school board I will continue to push for policies increasing services for the life skills program, English-language learners, and work to provide services for students facing other challenges. My vision for the school district is to achieve an environment where students of all backgrounds and ability levels are given the chance to thrive and families are awarded the opportunity to participate in their child's education. 


Technology in the classroom

I am committed to ensuring that our schools continue to match the needs of our students in this evolving world. Technological advances have moved at a faster pace than our education system has kept up with. More classes in areas such as coding should be brought to our middle and high schools to help our students meet the growing demand in the technology industry and equip them with necessary skills to navigate their future careers. 


expanding teacher and staff support

Continuing to attract and retain quality educators and support staff in our district reflects directly on student success.  Bellingham School District has implemented many strategies in which to do this and I will continue to support this work and search for innovative policy solutions.


Questions about my priorities? Contact me!