After 20 years of education activism and 14 years of experience in the district I am running for the Bellingham School Board position 4 because my involvement allows me to bring an important perspective rooted in experience to the position. 

My passion for public education has grown over the years. My two daughters attended Carl Cozier, Kulshan, and Sehome, graduating in 2013 and 2016. When my daughters were in preschool I served on their preschool board of directors from 2001-2003. I strongly believe in opening pre-kindergarten education and making it more accessible to all families. Children enter kindergarten with varying learning experiences and giving all children an opportunity to attend pre-K will allow more students to enter kindergarten ready to learn, eliminating many challenges that children currently face when starting school. Continuing my dedication to public education I sat on various PTA committees in the Northshore School District before returning to Bellingham and serving as PTA president of Carl Cozier from 2005-2007. 

In the apex of technological advancements, I am committed to ensuring that our schools continue to match the needs of our students in this evolving world. More classes in areas such as coding should be brought to our middle and high schools. I have been a champion of increasing technology access in my past tenure as Carl Cozier PTA president and Kulshan Middle School PTSA president by raising money to bring more interactive technology to the classrooms. 

My activism in the district was not just centered on the schools where my children attended. Along with serving on district committees and task forces I also co-chaired the 2013 school bond, which was the largest school bond the city of Bellingham has ever passed. The funds from this bond continue today to help improve our district’s facilities and safety for all students and staff. 

Education is paramount to the bettering of society and I believe that change starts at the local level. I am dedicated to improving the educational experience for all students of varying backgrounds (LGBTQ, race, ethnicity, religion, disabled, and language ability) to ensure a safe and enriching learning environment for all. The State of Washington is facing a statewide budget deficit that will continue to impact education funding. There is uncertainty about how the federal government will influence education in the upcoming years, but attention to these issues at the local level will work to combat potential problems. During my tenure as Sehome High School PTSA President I advocated and worked to purchase computers to service the homework club for students from varying socio-economic backgrounds. I am dedicated to continuing to address these issues through innovative solutions.

A proud Western Alum, I graduated with a degree in Community Health Education and worked teaching public health classes from 1989 to 2005. Ever since coming to Bellingham for college, I have fallen in love with this city and have continued to give back to the community. 

My vision as your school board member would be to increase opportunity for ALL students, providing an enriching and equitable education for the district. My time volunteering as a coach, a girl scout troop leader, and in the classroom as well as working with the district administration, various schools, and teachers gives me a well-rounded view of the interworking of the Bellingham School District. With my extensive experience and knowledge, I am qualified and prepared to work for families and students district-wide. For dedicated, passionate, and experienced community leadership I ask for your vote come November.

 My daughter's graduation from Sehome in 2016.

My daughter's graduation from Sehome in 2016.


Bellingham School Board, Position 4